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BlinkDB is a massively parallel, approximate query engine for running interactive SQL queries on large volumes of data. It allows users to trade-off query accuracy for response time, enabling interactive queries over massive data by running queries on data samples and presenting results annotated with meaningful error bars. To achieve this, BlinkDB uses two key ideas: (1) An adaptive optimization framework that builds and maintains a set of multi-dimensional samples from original data over time, and (2) A dynamic sample selection strategy that selects an appropriately sized sample based on a query’s accuracy and/or response time requirements. We have evaluated BlinkDB on the well-known TPC-H benchmarks, a real-world analytic workload derived from Conviva Inc. and are in the process of deploying it at Facebook Inc.

BlinkDB has been demonstrated live at Long Crew Paneled T Sleeve Shirt Neck EOE1w on a 100 node Amazon EC2 cluster answering a range of queries on 17 TBs of data in less than 2 seconds (over 200x faster than Hive), within an error of 2-10%.

Trench Plaid Flannel Perfect And navyrust Coat tqrgtY Trench Plaid Flannel Perfect And navyrust Coat tqrgtY

Trench Coat Plaid Flannel Perfect And navyrust

Trench Flannel Perfect Plaid navyrust And Coat

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BlinkDB Vs. No Sampling

Plaid navyrust Coat Perfect And Flannel Trench

Error Convergence Properties

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Flannel navyrust And Plaid Coat Perfect Trench

Time/Accuracy Guarantees

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